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From this point forward, please use the new NWI website for events, forums, job announcements, news, networking, and more. This site,, will be removed from the internet on Feb 28, 2015.

Wraparound events

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

18 Nov 2014 Webinar: "New Directions in Wraparound Accountability and Quality Assurance"
30 Sep 2014 Webinar: "Office Hours - Following up to the September 16th NWI Webinar"
16 Sep 2014 Webinar: "Operational Components of Intensive Care Coordination Using Wraparound for Youth with Complex Needs: State and Local Examples"
16 Jul 2014 Webinar: "NWI Open Meeting and 10th Anniversary Celebration"
17 Jun 2014 Webinar: "Office Hours - Get Your Wraparound Questions Answered"
08 Apr 2014 Webinar: "Costs and Cost-Effectiveness in Wraparound Programs"
11 Mar 2014 2014 Cocoa Beach Wraparound Conference
02 Mar 2014 NWI Track at the "Tampa Conference"
11 Feb 2014 Webinar: "Guidelines for Training, Coaching and Supervision of Wraparound Facilitators"
11 Feb 2014 A path to Healing through the Spirit of the Horse: Wraparound + Equine Therapy
03 Feb 2014 National Certification of Parent Leaders
13 Jan 2014 National Certification of Parent Leaders
05 Dec 2013 Webinar: "Necessary Conditions: Assessing Community Support for Wraparound"
23 Sep 2013 Wraparound Conference
06 Aug 2013 Webinar: "Office Hours": Get Your Wraparound Questions Answered
22 Jul 2013 National Certification of Parent Leaders
07 May 2013 Webinar: Coordinating Evidence Based Practices with Wraparound using the Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP) System
22 Jan 2013 Webinar: Using Medicaid Health Homes with Wraparound to Serve Youth Populations with Complex Behavioral Health Needs
23 Oct 2012 Webinar: The Wraparound Team Monitoring System (Wrap-TMS)
21 Sep 2012 Peer Parent Partner Boot Camp
25 Jul 2012 NWI Meeting at the Institutes
22 May 2012 Webinar: What's the NWI Doing, and How Can the NWI Support Your Work?
27 Mar 2012 Webinar: Wraparound Milwaukee: The Family Connection
15 Mar 2012 Webinar: NWI - Family Partner Task Force
28 Feb 2012 Webinar: Combining TimeBanks with Wraparound for Positive Results
24 Oct 2011 Training: Wraparound Supervision Seminar: Supervision in Family and Person Centered Practice
29 Sep 2011 Training: Facilitator Boot Camp
23 Aug 2011 Webinar: Functional Behavioral Analysis and Wraparound
14 Jun 2011 Webinar: Individualizing Care for Children with Complex Needs Through Developing a Comprehensive Service Array and Provider Network
13 Apr 2011 Webinar: Strengthening Practice Through Directive Supervision
29 Mar 2011 Webinar: Integrating Wraparound into Schools
20 Mar 2011 Children's Mental Health Research and Policy Conference in March
09 Mar 2011 Parent Partner Bootcamp
16 Feb 2011 Wraparound Conference Scheduled for February 2011
25 Jan 2011 Webinar: The Art of Wraparound in the Child Welfare Environment
21 Sep 2010 Webinar: Using Medicaid Waivers to Finance Home and Community-Based Services
17 Aug 2010 Webinar: Family Partners in Wraparound: Who are they and what do they do?
14 Jul 2010 NWI Open House at the 2010 Training Institutes
14 Jul 2010 NWI General Session at the 2010 Training Institutes
14 Jul 2010 NWI Workgroup Meetings at the 2010 Training Institutes
14 Jul 2010 2010 Training Institutes
29 Jun 2010 Webinar: Supporting Wraparound Implementation SCHEDULE CHANGE
15 Jun 2010 Webinar: Accountability and Quality Assurance in Wraparound
07 Jun 2010 California Wraparound Institute
20 Apr 2010 Webinar: Wraparound Practice
05 Apr 2010 Board of Advisors Conference Call
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