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News from the field

News relevant to NWI members from around the nation and around the world. 
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  • 28 Aug 2014 7:07 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)

    A new webisode of KSOC-TV tackled the topic of community supports for families with LGBTQ youth.  The hour-long segment, hosted by Gary Blau (SAMHSA), features insights from Diego Sanchez, Director of Policy, PFLAG National; Jordan Geddes, Youth Outreach Specialist, Maryland Coalition of Families and Caitlin Ryan, Director, Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University.  

  • 28 Aug 2014 7:00 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)
    Caregivers for children with mental health challenges are often lacking in essential supports.  Thus, they are susceptible to high levels of stress - and this, in turn, may elevate stress levels for the entire family.  NAMI is seeking to reverse this trend with mental health education classes for parents.  This article details some background about the classes and how to access them.
  • 28 Aug 2014 6:51 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)

    For youth who are at-risk for or are experiencing early symptoms of psychosis, there is some good news. A recent study showed that FACT (Family-aided Assertive Community Treatment) is effective in improving both clinical and functional outcomes.  FACT seeks to detect symptoms of psychosis and intervene early on.  Read the full text of the study for free today.

  • 28 Aug 2014 6:43 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)
    A new confessional-style social media site, Whisper, was created for people to post their deepest thoughts and secrets anonymously. The founders of Whisper received a number of posts from people experiencing mental illness and decided to create a separate project, Your Voice, specifically designed for people wanted to post about their mental health issues. This resource is an outlet for people to share their story but also contains links to resources related to mental health, sorted by category.

  • 28 Aug 2014 6:31 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)

    In this moving TED talk, Shaka Senghor tells the story of how he was shot as a teenager and reacted with violence.  Not long after he was the victim of crime, Shaka found himself on the other end of the gun and killed a man.  Shaka spent part of his young life in prison and has dedicated himself to prison reform.  

  • 28 Aug 2014 5:08 PM | John Ossowski (Administrator)

    The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) covers juvenile justice issues that are overlooked by traditional media outlets.  Recently, JJIE added a new section dedicated to coverage of mental health and substance abuse issues.  Take a closer look at this new resource today!

  • 11 Aug 2014 11:47 AM | John Ossowski (Administrator)

    The effects of video games on mental health has been a topic of some controversy and debate. Nevertheless, this article points to new research showing small but significant developmental effects of video game playing among youth.

  • 11 Aug 2014 11:46 AM | John Ossowski (Administrator)
    Although fighting between parents affects each parent's relationship with their children, a new study shows that fathers' relationships were affected more. This article summarizes the study's findings and advises parents to fight fair - and keep it quick - for the sake of their children.

  • 11 Aug 2014 11:44 AM | John Ossowski (Administrator)
    This article describes the work of the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA). EASA's approach intervenes early in the course of schizophrenia and focuses on socialization, family therapy, job and school assistance, and, in some cases, antipsychotic medication.

  • 11 Aug 2014 11:43 AM | John Ossowski (Administrator)
    According to a new study, health care reform is helping more youth access mental health treatment. Read about the findings in this article.

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