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As of January 22, 2015, NWI members will receive a new login to be used on the newly designed site at

From this point forward, please use the new NWI website for events, forums, job announcements, news, networking, and more. This site,, will be removed from the internet on Feb 28, 2015.

Member support

How do I update my profile?

You can do this from any page within the membership website after you have logged in. Just click on "view profile" in the upper right hand corner. Then, from your profile page, choose the "edit profile" button at the upper left. Feel free to upload a photo and your organization's logo!

How do I join a workgroup?

As a member, you can join one or more workgroups. This is also done from the membership website. Click on "member only" then "workgroups." On that page, you will see the workgroups listed as "forums." Select one. View the group's most recent "work plan." (Some of the work groups have not updated their plans in a while.) Use the "subscribe to forum" link to join the workgroup. You will receive emails telling you when others post.

How can I subscribe to "member news"?

You can subscribe to member news in the same way as workgroups. Click on "member only" then "member news." Use the "subscribe to forum" link to join. You will receive emails telling you new posts are made.

How do I participate in discussions?

To participate in discussion groups, click on "member only" then "discussions." On that page, you will see each discussion group listed. Select one. Click on the forum links to see each topic posted. You can subscribe to individual discussion forums by clicking the "subscribe to forum" link. To see the topic content, click on the topic link to read what others have said and post your own comments. You also have the option to subscribe to individual topics, if you do not want to subscribe to the whole discussion forum.

How do I know when to renew my membership?

Memberships to the National Wraparound Initiative need to be renewed on a yearly basis. This is based on the date you signed up. You will receive notification emails two weeks and one week prior to your membership renewal date with further instruction.

How do I add members to my organizations bundle?

The bundle administrator can add members to the bundle at any point in time (up to the max determined by membership level). To do this, log in, view profile, and then edit your profile. You will see an option to add members. Choose a generic password for each member; they will be instructed to change this once they log in. Click here for a how-to!

Can I make someone else the bundle administrator?

Yes! At any time during your membership you can designate any of your bundle members as the new administrator. To do this, the original bundle admin should send an email to stating you would like to make the change and which bundle member should become the new admin. The original bundle admin will automatically be made a normal bundle member.

I'm on the Get Notified list, but how do I change to a member?

To upgrade to a membership level, log in to the membership site, click view profile in the upper right corner, and then click the change membership level button. Once you have selected your desired membership level, you'll then need to submit another application and indicate how you would like to pay (credit card vs. check).

I'm getting mail from Portland State University, how do I stop this?

Individual memberships go through the Portland State University Foundation in order to be tax deductible (to the extent allowable by law). Because of this, individual members may receive occasional mail from PSU. If you would like to stop this, send an email to, saying you no longer wish to receive mail from PSU. 

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